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My name is Lynn and I am the pre-owned manager here at Carl’s Cycle Sales in Boise.  My job here is to provide nice clean used inventory for our customers.  So every day I search Craigslist looking for MOTORCYCLES like you have.  The problem with Craigslist is, and you may have already encountered this is fake, false, scam, or even low ballers emails and phone calls.  I can tell you after over a decade of doing this on daily basis I have heard some really bad incidences.  If you stop by I will share my favorite story.  The main thing is we have a couple of options to save you time and the liability of people coming to your home.  The service we supply would include some of the things I have touched on and a ton more things that people do not think about when selling an item like this.  So let’s get your rig sold!  Here is a sample of what we offer.

 Give me a call at the dealership and we will set-up a time for me to look at your vehicle.  You can even just stop in and chat with me if you are in the area.  After I take a look and do a condition report.  I will give you a fair buy it now price!  This is the easiest sale you will ever make.  It is fast simple and fair.  I only ask that my customers understand this number has to be agreeable that we will service and place profit on top of it.  I am open about this as we do need to make a fair profit.  So it’s important to be up front about this price because I know you will look at my web page and see what price it is for sale for.

If you are willing to take some risk and partner up with us a consignment could yield you a bit more money.  We do not charge a percentage for this.  Again we will look at what the vehicle could sell for and if you have a reasonable goal, I add on to the top for my share of profit.  The important part of this service is that we will treat your vehicle just like one of our own.  It will go on our website, weekly Craigslist dealer adds, every two weeks it will be in the Thrifty Nickle.  This process is also very fast and easy to do, but you may have some questions and I am happy to share any information you might need.

So to sum it up over 90% of everything we sell is financed and we take all the risk after the sale is made.  It cost you zero dollars to give me a call and get some information.  Hope to hear back from you very soon.  The only day I am not available is Wednesday.

Lynn Barnes

Manager @ Carls Cycle Sales

Cell Phone 631-0415

Shop Phone 853-5550

Fax number 853-1602