2011 KTM 65 SX

65 SX

A small engine with cutting-edge technology – the KTM 65 SX gives you the confidence to take on larger bikes. You will be amazed at how perfectly it follows the line you want to take, how sensitively it responds to changes of direction and how well it grips the surface. The revolutionary engine design with the crankshaft positioned close to the center of gravity not only allows perfect handling of your 65 SX, it also helps optimize the intake flow in the crankcase. The patented KTM pressure-controlled exhaust valve (PCEV) and re-engineered outlet slide give you the edge in terms of power. The frame is modeled on the full-size bikes. As with the larger SX models, premium quality forged parts are robot-welded with high-grade chromoly steel pipes, guaranteeing first-rate quality. The WP mono-shock and the 35mm Marzocchi USD front fork add to the professional performance. The suspension is adjustable for individual riders and changing track conditions. Countless world championship winning KTM bikes were used as prototypes for the bodywork, seat line, footrests and handlebars of the 65 SX – the first choice for future champions.